Alzheimers Awareness Among Millennials

Alzheimer’s Awareness Among Millennials

We all know that Alzheimer’s disease is no joke. Hilarity for Charity, a movement which inspires change and raises awareness of Alzheimer’s, is making it a little easier. Their focus is targeted towards educating millennials, who have likely had minimal to no experience with the disease.

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It is a great focal point because many of the members of the younger generation will have someone close to them struggle with this. Being as educated as possible is key to helping those around you and the progression of Alzheimer’s research. If you are a millennial do yourself a courtesy and understand Alzheimer’s and how you can become part of the solution.

Older generations around Mitchell face challenges that often fall on younger generations to solve. This could range from improving the quality of life of an elderly person to being the financial basis of their care. Whatever it is you can have an immense impact on persons with Alzheimer’s. Politicians, the media and many prominent actors are all taking part in spreading awareness of Alzheimer’s as education of the disease becomes more mainstream. The aforementioned Hilarity for Charity is a great example of how powerful of a movement people can create. Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren, have been instrumental in getting their message out and are passionate about educating those on Alzheimer’s. This has led to a huge following, further helping their cause and spreading awareness of Alzheimer’s. Join in and be part of the solution.

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